Welcome to my blog !

Hello there !


I have tried many times in the past to create a blog, but now is the good one !


So, who am I ? Nicolas, 28, French (which explain my bad English level) and living in Paris, in France. I am an engineer, and I take photos as a hobby. On this blog, I will try speaking of photography for everyone (no need of the latest DSLR), and I will show you some of my shots.


Just to explain how I feel : I don’t know how good are my photos, and I want to discuss with you about them. I will appreciate any kind of advice, and any kind of comments, as soon as it is done politely.


And for my first post, here is one of my favorite photo : a long exposure of the “Pont au Change” bridge, over the Seine, in Paris. It is near Notre Dame (which was on my left when taking the picture). The “snakes” of light are done by some boat….


The "Pont au Change" bridge

The “Pont au Change” bridge, near Notre Dame, in Paris, France.

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