Why Night & Light ?

When I was searching my domain name, I wanted a name that reflects my style of photography. And the thing I like the most in photography is trying to get the colors of the night, and the city lights…. So, there it was, Night and Light !


Most of my photos are taken in Paris, where I live. My favorite place is the “quartier Latin” (Latin Quarter), which is the oldest place of Paris. There, I can spend hours walking in the city, taking photos of the bridges and the river, the buildings, the people, …. Paris really is a city that never sleeps.


In photography, I am very fond of landscape, and of long exposures. When taking a long exposure, many details will be printed on your photo, and the light, and the warmth of the colors, will be well transcripted.


This time, the photo attached to my post is a photo of The Louvres, in Paris, under the snow. It was taken in january 2013.


The Louvres, under a snowy night

The Louvres, under a snowy night

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