The blue hour 2

While loving night photography, one of my favorite moment to take photos is the blue hour.     The blue hour is a time period of about one hour, just after the sunset. During this time period, and depending of the sky, the light becomes blue-ish and the colors get […]

The "Pont au Change" bridge

The lovers

What equipment do I have ?

First of all, I don’t want to be part of the Canon vs. Nikon war. For some reasons, I have started with Canon gears, and I am now used to it. There are many good things in both brands (and in the others as well), but when you start using […]

Why Night & Light ?

When I was searching my domain name, I wanted a name that reflects my style of photography. And the thing I like the most in photography is trying to get the colors of the night, and the city lights…. So, there it was, Night and Light !   Most of […]

The Louvres, under a snowy night

The "Pont au Change" bridge

Welcome to my blog !

Hello there !   I have tried many times in the past to create a blog, but now is the good one !   So, who am I ? Nicolas, 28, French (which explain my bad English level) and living in Paris, in France. I am an engineer, and I […]